The story of UFG begins with the vision of Scott McIntyre Sr., a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, businessman. McIntyre had the ambition to form a stock insurance company in Iowa—an ambition he achieved on January 2, 1946, with the opening of United Casualty Company, as we were originally known.


From there, our story becomes one of small insurance companies merging and working together; of outgrowing old spaces and moving to new ones; of expanding into different territories and acquiring more business; and—through it all—doing business the right way and treating people the right way. Because that’s the way we do things at UFG.



Insurance can be complex but selecting coverages, issuing policies, making payments and resolving claims should be simple, at least that’s how we think at UFG.


The customer experience has always been at the forefront of our thinking, as we work to create simple insurance solutions for our insurance agents and policyholders, offering protection they can trust in and service they can depend on.


Through our commitment to providing ease of doing business for our insurance agents and peace of mind for our policyholders, UFG has built long-term relationships with our customers—and we know those are the best to have.



Our employees are what make UFG such a great company to work for and a great company to do business with. Throughout our offices, our workforce of over 1,100 people work together to serve our customers, embracing our values to respect, serve, aspire and create.


We know that our employees are more than the voice on the other end of a phone call or the email message in an inbox. Whether assisting an insurance agent with a new policy or helping a policyholder after a loss, the work our people do—and the outstanding way they do it—has an impact that goes far beyond our office walls.

After all, we’ve entrusted our employees with the important job of fulfilling the promise we make as an insurance company—the promise of protection. And, truly, we couldn’t have chosen a better group of people for the job.

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