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At Suhr & Lichty Insurance Agency we realize that farming is the backbone of our country, and no matter how large or small your farming operation is, we have the expertise to help properly insure your business.

Being independent, we have access to a wide range of farm and crop insurance companies. This is important because no two farming operations are the same.

We have the flexibility to truly find you the best possible product at the best price.

What does a Farm & Ranch Policy cover?

Dwelling and Personal Property

A Farm & Ranch policy covers your dwelling and personal property from losses such as fire, hail, wind, theft and other perils. The Farm & Ranch policy also includes loss of use coverage, if a covered loss makes your residence uninhabitable, as well as coverage for additional dwellings, windmills, outside wiring, and outdoor radio and TV equipment. Additional coverage may also be available for debris removal, fire department charges, and other damages associated with a loss.

Buildings and Fences

Your policy will cover insured farm buildings, grain bins, grain complexes, fences, corrals, pens, chutes, and fence line feed bunks. Additional coverage may be available for new construction, structural alterations, and debris removal, as well as a variety of optional coverages.

Farm and Personal Liability Protection

A Farm & Ranch policy provides protection from personal liability. Coverages include personal liability protection, claim and legal defense costs, coverage for certain medical payments to others and damage to the property of others, and limited coverage for death of livestock.

Mobile Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

You may insure specifically described agricultural equipment that is owned or leased, such as tractors, combines, self-propelled hay and silage equipment, center pivot irrigation systems, and recreational vehicles used primarily for agricultural purposes.

Scheduled Farm Personal Property

You may also insure certain groups of farm property, including grain, hay, poultry, livestock and farm implements/vehicles, on a named-peril basis.

Blanket Farm Personal Property

You may insure all of your farm personal property usual or incidental to the operation of your farm or ranch for one blanket amount. Coverage extends to farm property owned, leased, or used by the insured.

How much does Farm Insurance cost?

The cost of farm & ranch insurance depends greatly on the type and amount of coverages you specifically need.

Because all farming operations are different, we’ll talk with you and visit your farm to do a comprehensive needs analysis to make sure that no stone is left unturned with your coverage.

If you need assistance with your farm & ranch insurance, we’re the only number you need. A good farm insurance company does much more than give you a free hat or calendar!

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To get started on your quote, call our office or click over to our quotes page. Either way we’ll make the process simple!

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