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Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans: A Brief Introduction As a Medicare beneficiary, you are likely interested in ways to increase your coverage through Original Medicare (Parts A and B). One of your options is to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare…

What is service line insurance coverage?

Broken Service Lines

A majority of homeowners are well aware that they are on the hook financially for anything that happens to their own home and personal property. Since owning a home is a large investment — most homeowners purchase homeowners insurance to…

Is Equipment Breakdown Insurance worth it?

Person frustrated doing laundry

Equipment breakdown coverage is likely offered on your Homeowners policy. This coverage is designed to help protect your household appliances and equipment that are essential to maintaining your household. Equipment breakdown coverage can repair or replace your appliances and equipment…

Why You Should Get Flood Insurance

Flooding in Seward Nebraska at the Seward Entrance on Highway 34 east

After reflecting on the past year, 2019 had a lot to offer. There was some good and some bad. However, one event stuck in my mind that has effected so many Nebraskan’s, “#NebraskaStrong”. It was a beautiful sight to see…

Medicare vs. Medicaid: What’s the Difference?

Medicare and Medicaid may sound similar, they are two different government-sponsored health insurance programs that are available to Americans. Both of these programs can help you pay for health and medical expenses. Medicare primarily covers adults 65 and over, while…

Why does my Home Insurance keep going up?

Most people don’t evaluate their home insurance renewal like they do their auto insurance. The results are higher annual rates. NOTE: If you’d like to skip all the reading and go straight to getting a quote, click here It is not…

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